Friday, 26 June 2015

Seize The Hill!

Oh-oh, another post that has nothing to do with tanks!   But that's okay.  Instead of starting yet one more blog, I think I will throw down pictures that I like, which don't really suit the privates eternal or Battling With Britains blogs, over here. 

   Being currently fascinated by the Spanish-American War provided the rough inspiration for this game.  Also, it was a nice excuse to put some Hinchcliff and Dixon (and others?) figs on the table.  Here are some pics:

The "Not-Spanish" hold the hill blocking the way to the capital!

And they have a captured Gatling Gun!?!

Which fires up the "Not-Americans" with greater determination: "How dare those Not-Spanish use weapons of Mass Destruction!!"

Sir Teddy leads the Rough Runners in a charge towards the hill!

"Cover them, Men!"


Both Generals fall in close combat!

The "Not-Spanish" forces flee.

Great game!  The rules were Donald Featherstone's Horse and Musket ones, with the command rules of Black Powder.  The combination worked very well.   Thanks for looking.

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  1. It is a great idea to use other troops when the right ones aren't available. ACW troops are very versatile and I often use them for fictitious troops or Americans of earlier or later wars. For my fictitious countries I make up some units and uniforms and fill out the army with units from other real nations and wars. What I do, though, is change flag bearers. (You could also change just the flags). Zouaves I often do this with as I use them for ACW, 'Fezians' (Turks really) and French. I made up my own flags for medieval Bogavania and Beerstein and also some of my Balkan type units. The Virtual Armchair general makes some great almost historical flags which I use a lot.